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… change your mind and change your time

Yin Yang ClockIn today’s busy world it often feels like there is not enough time to accomplish everything we want to do.

We may find ourselves wishing there were more hours in the day, or pleading for just one more day in the week.

What if we found a simple way to create the time we need in our lives?

Just imagine, increasing your productivity by over 200% …

Just imagine, tapping into your creative muse with ease …

Just imagine, the perfect events happening just at the perfect time …

Just imagine stopping pushing water uphill …

Course Contents

In this course time you will discover that time is fluid and malleable, rather than finite and linear.

You will learn how to use mindfulness techniques to change the speed and nature of your thoughts so that you simply get more done in less time. By changing the nature of your relationship with time, you will become more efficient, more creative and more productive.

In just eight weeks, this course will show you simple and repeatable mindfulness techniques that will help you multiply your creative output. It contains over 4 hours of mind- and time-bending audio visualizations, and over two hours of short, instructive videos, that will change your relationship with time and put its flow under your control. As a byproduct, you will also learn some powerful meditative practices.

No previous experience with meditation is required, this course is equally suitable for beginners and advanced meditators.

Course Takeaways

What you will get from taking this course:

  • A new relationship with time
  • An elongation of your personal time
  • A expanded awareness of your thoughts
  • Much more time back than it takes to absorb the course
Week 1

Week 1 : Where Does The Time Go

The course starts gently by bringing your attention to the subjective nature of time. You will experience how it is not as fixed as is thought and come to a realisation that its speed alters with the speed and nature of our thoughts.

Week 2

Week 2 : Dealing With Time Bandits

It is amazing how creative we can be about not getting on with the creative task in hand. If you ever find yourself doing something other than what you should be working on, almost certainly there is an underlying fear creating procrastination.

Week 3 : The Breath Clock

Our breath does more than just keep us alive. It is a natural, yet overlooked, clock which regulates our sense of time. Ask any tortoise or elephant. Slow the breath down and time stretches out and extends. This even works in group environments.

Week 4 : The Flavour of Thoughts

We tend think our thoughts come from our head, but our brains are as much a receiver of thoughts as they are a generator. Not all thoughts come from the same source or at the same speed. Discover how to jump ‘out of time’.

Week 5 : Switching to EMT

When we enter and stay in the meditative state with our eyes open, time stretches to fit the task in hand. This is known as ‘Extended Me Time’. Learn too how to use your sleeping time to be creative.

Week 6 : Whole Mind Time

Not all areas of our neurology run to the same time clock. Discover how we can change our sense of time by moving our consciousness around our neurology. Learn how to be pre-cogniscent.

Week 7 : Natural Time

Get back in touch with natural time and discover how the man-made calendar has somewhat enslaved us in time. Learn how to stop pushing water uphill and how to go with the temporal flow.

Week 8 : Future Entanglement

Just imagine if the perfect future could arrive at your feet. Ditch your To Do list and start a To Love list and find out how a world better than your wildest dreams can appear, just in the perfect time.

Bonus Module 1

A workbook with simple Timeful Tasks to help you track your progress as you change your relationship with time. It also helps your journal your 21 Me Time Retreat and introduces you to the magical world that opens up for us when we become mindful, timeful and kindful.

Bonus #2 : Managing Time Mindfully Audiobook

Deepen your understanding of time by listening to Tom’s audiobook on the subject.

  • Quarter 1 : where time came from
  • Quarter 2 : our perception of time
  • Quarter 3 : how to better manage time
  • Quarter 4 : how to manipulate time

Bonus #3 : 21 Days of Me Time Re-treat

At the end of the course, you will get access to twenty one guided meditations to be listened to over three weeks, each with a simple Timeful Task for the day. In this way, all your new learnings  embed themselves in your neurology and become second nature to you.

21 Day RetreatAbout your bonus 21 day retreat

At the end of the 8 week course, a real treat lies in store for you in the form of 21 consecutive days of guided meditations.

If you have taken any of my other courses, or heard some of my meditations on Insight Timer, you may have heard some of them before. At least half of them are new and those you may have heard have been remastered and elongated.

What is very special is the order that they have been assembled in such that your awareness and super-sensibilities will be awakened. At the end of 21 days, you will find yourself in a different world with a new sense of possibility and potential.

If I didn’t know how and why this works, you might think it was magic!


If you, or a family member, are afflicted by a chronic, debilitating or life-shortening condition, daily meditation can be a real help. At the very least, it gives the mind some respite. It can also aid the healing process. If you think this could help, get in touch if you would like complimentary access this 21 day retreat.

Managing Time Mindfully

2.5 hour duration audiobook
  • A gentle introduction to time management with mindfulness
  • A temporal delight in four quarters
  • Find out how we became enslaved by time
  • Includes 10 minutes of Me Time meditation
  • Includes £10 discount voucher if you want to subsequently invest in the MBTM course
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100% satifactionSatisfaction Guaranteed

Your investment is protected by our 21-Day ‘Free Look’ Policy. Here’s how it works: You have a full 21 days to take the first three modules of the course. If you decide during that time that your relationship with time has not altered as you expected, just let us know and you’ll be issued a full and prompt refund … no questions asked. In short, you are guaranteed a return on your investment, or you get your money back. It’s that simple.

Copyright Notice

The course materials are the copyright of Tom Evans and Tmesis Ltd. The background music for the meditations and some of the videos is copyright of Eternell.

Launching Spring 2017

This course is the next incarnation of the popular Living Timefully course. It has been redesigned, remastered and re-engineered from the ground up. Get in touch if you want to be the first to start changing your mind and changing your time.
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