Experience MBTM Live

… discover out how to stretch time in group environments


Half or full day workshop for teams

This immersive workshop is literally a breath of fresh air for teams who want to get more done with less time. Contents are tailored for each company, typically covering:

  • Why we have become time poor
  • How to quieten the mind
  • Whole Brain Thinking
  • Ideas in less than a second
  • Reducing meeting times
  • Making better decisions
  • Operating ‘just in time’

All attendees will get a signed copy of Managing Time Mindfully and access to the 8 week MBTM course for CPD.

MBTM Practitioner Training : Level 1

Learn how to teach MBTM

This one day workshop will lift the lid on how time can be manipulated and how to impart this knowledge to a group:

  • The real history of time
  • Changing the speed of time in a room
  • Inducing the ‘whole brain’ state
  • Inducing the ‘whole mind’ state
  • Entrancing an audience
  • Managing interruptions
  • Jumping in and out of time

Attendees of this workshop must have taken the 8 week MBTM course and ideally be trained in other methodologies as a coach or therapist.

Temporal alchemy

MBTM Practitioner Training : Level 2

Learn how to heal with time

This two day workshop is designed for healers and therapists who want to augment their existing practice. You will learn the secrets of temporal alchemy.

  • How to ‘lengthen’ client sessions
  • How to ‘see’ through time
  • Healing the past
  • Entanglement with the perfect future
  • Neutralisation of unhealthy energies
  • Integration of mind centres
  • Time-based Therapy

Attendees of this workshop must have taken the 8 week MBTM course, MBTM Practitioner Level 1 and the Heart-full Living course.

Launching Spring 2017

This course is the next incarnation of the popular Living Timefully course. It has been redesigned, remastered and re-engineered from the ground up. Get in touch if you want to be the first to start changing your mind and changing your time.

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