Tom's right knee

The white bit on the right is where the cartilage should be!

Just over two years ago, a Labrador named Henry ran into my knee, at full tilt, and broke my fibula. Two years later, the bone has healed but severe arthritis has set in and MRI scans show that a full or partial knee replacement is required.

Faced with the prospect of butchery and a long recovery period, I did some research and discovered a relatively new, and less invasive, treatment called Lipogems. It involves taking your own fat cells, processing them and injecting them into the knee to activate your own stem cells to stimulate natural healing.

I saw the UK’s leading expert on it this week, Professor Adrian Wilson, and apparently I am an ideal candidate so have booked myself in to have it done just before Christmas. No overnight stay in hospital is needed and you are back driving in a couple of days. There’s an explanatory video at the bottom of this page should you want to know more.

Mindfulness-based Time ManagementSome Help Required

Now the treatment is so new that it’s not available via the NHS and BUPA won’t fund it, even though it is half the cost of a traditional treatment. The upshot is that I have to find £6000. I see this as actually a nice problem to have and here’s where you come in.

I’d reduced the investment for my Mindfulness-based Time Management course to just £197. On this morning’s dog walk, I had a light bulb moment, as you do!

I sussed out that, after credit card fees, just 33 sales will help me pay for the complete procedure.

Here’s what you will get from taking this course:

  • A new relationship with time
  • An elongation of your personal time
  • A expanded awareness of your thoughts
  • Much more time back than it takes to absorb the course

But here’s the deal, as well as all the above benefits you get from the 8 week course, the 21 day Meditation Re-treat and the Managing Time Mindfully audiobook, I’d like to help you even more for helping me fund this procedure to literally hit the ground running next year.

But for the first 33 people to step up and help, here’s what you will get by way of reciprocation:

  • A one hour mentoring call with me on Skype
  • Elimination of any blockage stopping you moving forward
  • A new sense of purpose
  • A ‘Cunning Plan’ to open up new vistas for you in 2018

And when I hit the 33 milestone, all 33 helpers will get a very special exclusive bonus to make 2018 simply the best year yet!!

For more details on the MBTM course, and to start the mutual Helping Process, click here …

If any of you suffer from arthritis, or other nagging pains that won’t go away, it might be worth looking at Lipogem treatment – this video explains how it works on knees.