It's About Time

Temporal memes to change your mind and your time

Outer Mind Time [OMT]

There have been many times throughout history where two or more people come up with the same bright idea at the same time. Some of these cases will undoubtedly be down to either plagiarism or espionage but some are the result of pure synchronicity of thought and...

Inner Mind Time [IMT]

Some years ago, some neuroscientists noticed something odd going in the neurons in the guts of people in MRI scanners. When they flashed images in front of their face, they noticed that neurons in the gut seemed to fire around five seconds before the image...

Extended Me Time [EMT]

People of the world work to all sorts of different times standards. For some of the year, the UK is on GMT, at other times it shifts by an hour to BST. I interview guests for the Zone Show podcast on AEST, EDT, PST. The five time zones of China are harmonised, for...

Clocks of Money

If you run a business where you charge by the hour, there is a fundamental limit to your annual turnover based on your hourly rate. Let's say you could work for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and 48 weeks a year and you charge £50 an hour. If you were lucky enough to...

Creating an Interruption Barrier

It said that every time we switch away from a task, it takes around five minutes to tune fully back into what we were working on. This means if we get just 12 interruptions a day, we lose around an hour in productivity. Obviously, we can relatively easily remove...

Who’s ‘Watching’ Over You ?

watch [verb] : to observe, to keep a look out, to view watch [noun] : a timepiece, a chronometer (worn on the wrist or carried in a pocket) From when we are born until we leave the planet, time is superimposed upon us and someone or other seems to be 'watching over...

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