Mindfulness-based Time Management

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MTM AudiobookManaging Time Mindfully Audiobook

Duration : 2.5 hours

This audiobook will widen and deepen your experience and understanding of time.

You can listen to it all in one go or take your time listening to a quarter of the book a week.

Note that, apart from the 10 minute bonus meditation at the end of the book, it is safe to listen to this while driving.

Quarter 1Quarter 1 : First Tickings

In this first quarter, I explore why we have become so time poor and where time came from the first place. By deconstructing the notion of time, we can rebuild it so it better serves us.

Chapter I : Where Does the Time Go?

Chapter II : When Time Began

Chapter III : The Hands of Time

Quarter 2Quarter 2 : Perceptions of Time

In this next quarter, we look at how while the absolute passage of time may be linear, our perception of its passage is anything but.

Chapter IV : Two Minds of Time

Chapter V : Whole Mind Time

Chapter VI : Stretching Time

Quarter 3Quarter 3 : Managing Time

This quarter explores how we can change our time perception, and productivity, by changing the nature of our thoughts and our attitude to time.

Chapter VII : Me Time

Chapter VIII : Natural Time

Chapter IX : Just in Time

Quarter 4Quarter 4 : Temporal Alchemy

In this last quarter, I ask you to suspend your belief about what is real and what is unreal. Here I share some of my stranger experiences with time with it explains strange things that may have happened to you.

Chapter X : Lives Passed

Chapter XI : Future Entanglement

Chapter XII : Down the Rabbit Hole

10 Minutes of MindfulnessBonus Meditation : Ten Minutes of Mindfulness

This short guided meditation is a great way to start each day. It's an sample of the delights to come in the MBTM course.

Do not listen to this while driving, operating machinery or flying an aeroplane!

10 Minutes of Mindfulness

by Words by Tom Evans | Music ©Eternell