Some years ago, some neuroscientists noticed something odd going in the neurons in the guts of people in MRI scanners. When they flashed images in front of their face, they noticed that neurons in the gut seemed to fire around five seconds before the image was actually shown.

What they had discovered (or uncovered) was something that has been known by mystics for many years, It was just that these mystics didn’t have access to MRI scanners to prove what they knew intuitively. They knew that our gut is an active mind centre in constant communication with our brains. Neuroscientists refer to it as the Enteric Mind and it is now known that it has more neurons that are in a cat’s brain.

Wish I’d Trusted My Gut

From an evolutionary perspective, our gut mind is primitive and doesn’t possess verbal language. It can only give us a ‘Go’ or ‘No-Go’ or ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. As our head ‘talks’ loudly, we can often miss its guidance and overrule our gut mind. If you have regrettably said, “I wish I’d trusted my gut on this or that”, you will know what I mean.

Our gut mind is invariably right and what the neuroscientists uncovered was that it also works ahead of time. It could explain why we know who is on the phone just before it rings and why our dogs know when we are coming home.

Follow Your Heart

Some amazing research is also being done into our heart mind centre, primarily by the HeartMath Institute. Rather than our head controlling the beat of our heart, it transpires there is much more traffic from our heart to our head. Again, you will have experienced this if you ever rued the day when you ignored your heart and said, “My heart wasn’t in it.”

Our heart also operates slightly ahead of time, around 1 to 2 seconds, and also it continues to process situations minutes after we have experienced them. If someone made your blood boil or tugged on your heart strings, making you fall in love, you will have experienced this too. As always our language gives the game away as to what’s afoot.

The communication between heart and head isn’t merely via the vagus nerve, it is much more complex than that. It turns our that what our heart feels dictates what we are feeling and it communicates using a combination of four methods – nervous, hormonal, biophysical and electromagnetic.

Heart Communication Methods

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Now the world has gone 24x7 and the speed of change is accelerating, making the right decisions in life and business is key to not only thriving but also to surviving. Those who succeed have strong intuition and empathy. When we get our head, heart and gut in alignment, we enter a mode HeartMath refer to as Coherence – we then rarely put a foot wrong.

And guess what? The key to entering this state is treating yourself to at least 10 minutes of meditation each and every day. This helps quieten our Inner Chatter so we can better tune into the non-verbal guidance from our gut and heart.

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