Mindfulness-based Time Management

Course Materials
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Welcome, [memb_contact fields=”FirstName”], to the next phase of your adventure in time.

21 Day RetreatEach of the weeks will focus on a particular theme:

  • Week 1 : Me Time Treats & Deepening Practice
  • Week 2 : Practical applications of waking mindfulness
  • Week 3 : Awakening of super-sensibilities

Overview of Week 1 : Me Time Treats & Deepening Practice

  • Meditation 1 : Just for Today
  • Meditation 2 : Just a Few Moments
  • Meditation 3 : Just a Thought
  • Meditation 4 : Just Illuminate
  • Meditation 5 : Just Imagine
  • Meditation 6 : Just for Tomorrow
  • Meditation 7 : Just Be

Eternell Portals

Note that you may have heard some of these meditations before as some of them accompany my books or appear on the Insight Timer app. Be mindful that they are all elongated and remastered with different ambient background music. Be observant of how these small changes alter the experience.

The background music for this week’s meditations comes from Eternell’s Portal (Meditation) album.

You can get the music by itself here … Portals by Eternell

And, as an extra bonus, you can also watch how artist Siri Stiklestad Opli created a watercolour live while listening to the first meditation, Just for Today.

Yoga ManMeditation 1 : Just for Today

This is a new version of my most popular meditation on the Insight Timer app. It also accompanies my book, The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness. It’s designed to set up the most perfect day ahead and is probably best listened to in the morning.

Yoga ManMeditation 2 : Just a Few Moments

This meditation revisits the notion from week 1 of the MBTM course that time is merely a set of moments strung together which we experience. The second half of this meditation is music-only so that you can practice observing and quietening the mind under your own steam.

Yoga ManMeditation 3 : Just a Thought

While we are awake, the speed and nature of our thoughts give rise to our sense of passage of time. If you think about it, our internal dialogue, or how we ‘speak in loud’, runs at about the same speed that we think ‘out loud’. Control your thoughts and you control your time!

Yoga ManMeditation 4 : Just Illuminate

This visualisation extends the principle of the last meditation and takes your consciousness to a place where you can tap into light bulb moments on demand. Your next bright idea is just one meditation away!

Yoga ManMeditation 5 : Just Imagine

The world we see around us is a product of our imagination, and the imaginations of others sharing this ride on Spaceship Earth. This visualisation takes you to a place where your imagination can take you to a newer and brighter world.

Yoga ManMeditation 6 : Just for Tomorrow

This meditation is the complement to Just for Today and helps the most perfect tomorrow to arrive. You might like to listen to this towards the end of the day.

Yoga ManMeditation 7 : Just Be

This meditation expands on the concepts of the Just Imagine visualisation. By allowing and letting be, you can set up an even better future than one you can merely imagine. This meditation also allows for quiet contemplation and the practice of calming and quietening your mind under your own volition.