Mindfulness-based Time Management

Course Materials
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21 Day RetreatOverview of Week 2

  • Meditation 8 : The Right Way
  • Meditation 9 : Being Mindful
  • Meditation 10 : Being Timeful
  • Meditation 11 : Being Kindful
  • Meditation 12 : Mindfulness of the Body
  • Meditation 13 : Mindful Eating
  • Meditation 14 : Walking Mindfully

How to listen:

  • Ensure you have 15 uninterruptible minutes set aside each day
  • On first listening, go through them in order
  • They are best listened to on headphones
  • You can listen to them at any time of the day
  • You can sit upright or lie down
  • It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep
  • It’s not a good idea to listen to them while driving, or operating machinery
  • Make a note in your journal after listening of how you feel, or if you receive any ideas or enlightenments

Eternell Self

Note that only one of this week’s meditations appears elsewhere and that is Mindful Eating, which is one of seven Meditations for Weight Management. The version here has been remastered and elongated and works in a slightly different context here because of the meditations that precede and follow it.

The background music for this week’s meditations comes from Eternell’s Self album.

Yoga ManMeditation 8 : The Right Way

Now I am not a practicing Buddhist, or an Anythingist for that matter, but some of the concepts and philosophies behind Buddhism are eminently practical and ooze with common sense. One of them is called the Eightfold Noble Path. This visualisation takes you on a journey around that path (as it is circular).
EightFold Noble Path

Yoga ManMeditation 9 : Being Mindful

There are many levels of mindfulness practice. This visualisation takes you on a journey of the mind to help you making your waking days more mindful. Remember that these very meditations and visualisations came to me while I was in deep meditation and operating outside space and inside time. As a result, as you tune into them, you will find it easier and easier to access this state too.

Yoga ManMeditation 10 : Being Timeful

When we meditate each day, we find that mindfulness leads naturally to a state of timefulness. In this blissful state, we find that we not only get more done with less time, but we also find that external events seem to happen just at the right time.

As we become adept at controlling the passage of time, we find that things get done easily in the time we allocate to them. Sometimes they get done even quicker that we planned. Resources we need to help us on our way turn up just when we need them, or even before we realise we need them. Life becomes a breeze.

This meditative visualisation covers the key points to bear in mind, each and every day, to get more done in less time.

Yoga ManMeditation 11 : Being Kindful

In the same way that the practice of mindfulness leads us naturally into a state of timefulness, timefulness naturally leads us to being able to demonstrate kindfulness.

When we get more things done in less time, this gives us more time not only to be kind to others but to be kind to ourselves.

Yoga ManMeditation 12 : Mindfulness of the Body

Our bodies are the vehicle that carries our mind around from place to place. That said, next week you will discover our mind can go wandering of its own accord.

Our bodies are also a mirror for what is going on in our mind. You can read emotions in the face and observe how buoyant and healthy people are from their posture and fluidity of movement.

The mind and body are of course interlinked and this visualisation takes you on a trip around your body from a perspective perhaps completely different from other body scan visualisations. Many body scan meditations start either in the toes or at the top of the head and work up or down the body until we get to the other end. In this visualisation, we will be starting inside and working our way to the outer layer of skin – and then beyond.

This is one visualisation that you can lie down for and even doze off, so definitely no flying of jumbo jets while listening!

Yoga ManMeditation 13 : Mindful Eating

This visualisation can be done with eyes closed or open and with imaginary or real morsels of food. Why not indulge yourself today and listen to it either end of the day, once with eyes open with food and once imagining you are actually eating?

Yoga ManMeditation 14 : Walking Mindfully

This last visualisation of this middle week can be listened to while out walking or just by imagining you are out walking.

Just like the Mindful Eating visualisation, it’s worth trying it both ways for a bit of fun.