Mindfulness-based Time Management

Course Materials
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21 Day RetreatOverview of Week 3

  • Meditation 15 : The Earth Mind
  • Meditation 16 : Awakening Super-sensibilities
  • Meditation 17 : Perceiving the Aura
  • Meditation 18 : Precognition
  • Meditation 19 : Prescience
  • Meditation 20 : Channelling
  • Meditation 21 : Entering Service

Note, it is more accurate to refer to this week’s meditations as being ‘guided meditative visualisations’.

How to listen:

  • Ensure you have 15 uninterruptible minutes set aside each day
  • On first listening, go through them in order
  • They are best listened to on headphones
  • You can listen to them at any time of the day
  • You can sit upright or lie down
  • It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep
  • It’s not a good idea to listen to them while driving, or operating machinery
  • Make a note in your journal after listening of how you feel, or if you receive any ideas or enlightenments

Weightless by Eternell

The background music for this week’s meditations comes from Eternell’s Weightless (Meditation) album which I orginally used for a set of meditations for weight loss and weight management.

The music works equally well in the context of taking the ‘weight’ off your mind!

You can get the music by itself here … Weightless by Eternell

Yoga ManMeditation 15 : The Earth Mind

One of the positive side effects of meditation is an awakening to the realisation that everything is connected. When we live mindfully, time fully and kindfully, we only have to have a thought and for what we think about to show up in our world. This week will explore possible mechanisms whereby this happens.

To start the week off, this meditative visualisation puts our home planet into a new context. When we envisage the Earth as possessing a consciousness, we get a new understanding of the ‘inter-connectedness of things’ – especially when we explore the nature and essence of the Earth Mind.

Yoga ManMeditation 16 : Awakening Supersensibilities

We are familiar with our five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Indeed in Buddhist philosophy, the mind is often quoted as being the sixth sense.

Our mind is fed though by six aspects of consciousness, also sometimes, and perhaps confusingly, referred to as Sixth Senses. This visualisation uses the Third Eye to switch them on.

Yoga ManMeditation 17 : Perceiving the Aura

The aura is something which has fascinated me since I was a child. I longed to be able to see it. After being initiated in Reiki healing and meditating for a few years, unexpectedly I found myself more and more able to perceive it.

What surprised me was that I did not ‘see’ it all the time – and note that when you do ‘see’ it, it is with your Third Eye not your actual eyes. Some peoples’ auras could be seen while others could be sensed in other ways. This visualisation uses all the super-sensibilities you activated in the last visualisation.

This visualisation takes you through a safe and exploratory process to bring the aura to your awareness. Before we start, note that we should always seek permission from others before we look at their aura so in this visualisation you will be working on your own aura.

This visualisation is in two parts and is best done sitting up or even standing. The second part will require you to be looking at yourself in a mirror in which you can see yourself at least as far as your shoulder blades, if not a full length mirror.

Yoga ManMeditation 18 : Precognition

Pre-cognition is the ability to ‘know’ something before it has happened. We have mind centres in our gut and heart that operate a little ahead of time and they can be tapped into and primed to help us.

This visualisation recapitulates the gut and heart conversational dialogue from the MBTM self-study course and extends it to awaken nascent qualities in the gut and heart mind.

Yoga ManMeditation 19 : Prescience

This visualisation takes you on a journey in time and space and connects you with the 96% of the Universe which currently is described as dark.

While it will help you ‘see’ the future, note that you won’t be able to get the lottery numbers unless you were already destined to win!

Yoga ManMeditation 20 : Chanelling

Have pen, paper, drawing or painting materials or a musical instrument to hand for this interactive visualisation. You will be introduced to a safe, simple and repeatable technique to connect with your Muse.

Note that this version of channelling isn’t about medium-ship and contacting the Dear Departed. It is better thought of how to activate your imagination to a new level.

Yoga ManMeditation 21 : Entering Service

This last meditation brings everything full circle as it is in the same style as the very first meditation.

You will see though that a circle is only a circle when viewed from lower dimensions. Add a dimension and it becomes an upward spiral.

Onwards and Upwards!