Managing Time Mindfully

“This book is a temporal tour de force. It is ahead of its time and takes the reader back in time to its roots and first tickings. My relationship with time has now changed forever.”

Managing Time Mindfully is the latest book in my new series on practical applications of mindfulness.

It explores the use of mindfulness meditation as a practical tool for improved time management. When we take control of our Personal Time Machine—our mind—we can take the passage of time under our control.

Mindfulness meditation techniques can be used to get more done in less time, and with less effort.

When we are mindful about how we spend and invest our time, we free ourselves from a self-imposed enslavement to time.

It’s mindfully written in four quarters which explore:

Quarter 1 : Where time comes from in the first place

Quarter 2 : How we perceive time

Quarter 3 : How to change our perception of time – and its speed

Quarter 4 : Temporal alchemy


Ending the Tyranny of Time

by Tom Evans in conversation with Steve Palfreyman | From The Zone Show Podcast

Audiobook with meditations

Note that the audiobook version of the book is included as a bonus module in the 8 week MBTM course. You can listen to it for just £15 before making your investment in the main course – and get your £15 back.

Available in print

Note that all attendees of the MBTM Live Workshop get a signed copy.